Talent concept

Recruitment Principle:professional priority; Respect personal wishes; not asking for everything but for availability.

Employment Principle:We will insist on open and fair and choose a person for a job at the right time, in the right position after considering his capability and wills.

Education principle:We combine work with education and train talents in practice. Training is the best welfare for employees and the hope project of company.

Retention principle: Keeping people by business, emotion, treatment, opportunity and culture is a successful way to retain talents. And there are three keys: Wage, respect &trust and welfare measures.

The principle of career planning:While establishing the development goals of company, we pointedly design lifelong goals for our employees and create a platform for their self-design and self-display. At the same time, the company formulates a career development plan for employees according to their personality, temperament, ability, interest and values so as to develop their potential.

The principle of respecting talents:We erect the thought of the talented person as the fundamentality, creating an atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talented people, improving the treatment of talent and rewarding outstanding contributors.

Employment policy:We welcome to someone who has more than two years of relevant experience in the industry with good health, strong communication skills, better performance and the good quality that meets modern social competitive mechanism. Moreover, he/she should identify with QJGT’s culture and pursue common development between enterprises and individuals.

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